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In Christine Feehan’s novel, Spider Game, she tells the enticing story of the cold, haunted, and insanely genius with Aspergers Syndrome, Trap Dawkins, and the lethal, gorgeous, and almost equally as smart, Cayenne. This story is definitely a hot one. Trap is emotionally withdrawn from the world and has a past that haunts him every day. He is the infamous “Ice Man” of the Ghostwalker team, and his icy demeanor proves that. This group of genetically, physically, and psychically modified Special Forces soldiers are forced to fight many foes. Their primary enemy is Dr. Whitney, the doctor who experimented on them.

This doctor also experimented on young girls, one of those girls is Cayenne. She has special spider-like abilities and was set to be terminated. Until Trap saves her. They embark on this dangerous journey to save Cayenne from the past that haunts Trap and the termination orders that haunt Cayenne. 

The sexy and intense novel is definitely a page-turner! I will admit I did bristle as the domineering ways of the very sexy Trap Dawkins, but then I realized if he looked the way Feehan describes, then I would probably submit to him too! Their physical relationship is……. HOT! 

Cayenne and Trap are perfectly matched. He wants to protect her and she allows him to. I say ‘allow’ because Cayenne does not need anyone to protect her. She is a gentically modified woman with skills for days and she absolutely holds her own. I love their story and their relationship.

This novel is the 12th in the Ghostwalker series. You can read this one alone, but there is so much pertinent information in the previous books. It is better to start at the beginning. 

As I have said before, Christine Feehan is one of my favorite authors. This novel will showcase why. She has a great balance throughout the novel. Action and romance. Both the male and female lead characters exhibit the ability to care for themselves but embrace the journey of self and sexual discovery. 

I definitely recommend this read. To read an excerpt, click the image of the book. It will take you to Christine’s page. While you are there, take a look around at her other series.

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