Reading Sexy Novels

Sex, love, and happy endings.

Add in the paranormal element, and I will most likely read it. Romance novels were introduced to me by…. wait for it… my MOTHER. Yes! My lovely mother opened my eyes to the naughty books of the world. I was about 13 or 14 when she gave my first “naughty” book. I was fascinated and terrified at the same time. Fascinated, because… um hello… it’s SEX! I’m now 25 and still fascinated with it. However, it did scare me. I had hundreds of questions crowding up my brain, but the one that stood forefront was: Am I being Punk’d? Why would she give this to me?

As a mother myself, I can see now that she was actually a genius. She talked to me about sex without having to say a single word. I was a mature 13-year-old, and she understood that. So I knew sex was not always like it was in the books, but it helped give me an idea of what courtship and sex should be like. Historical Romance was her favorite genre at that time. She enjoyed authors such as Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, and Tessa Dare. The men of those books were chivalrous and knightly, and the women were sassy with an independent air. My expectations for the boys (later, the men) were modeled after those portrayals.

Those novels had my expectations set incredibly high. How could a nasty, smelly, crude 16-year-old boy compare to the heroes in the books? Answer: They couldn’t. That is what made her the smartest mom in the world. I did NOT want anything to do with boys. I wanted to go to school, play sports, hang out with my friends, and read. Boys were cute to me, but they were never the sexy beast of my historical romance. Until I turned 18, but that is another story.

The introduction of romance novels has shaped my life so drastically. They made me love reading so much that I decided to go to school for English. Without that introduction, I would not be blogging or trying to work on my own novel. It has helped me come into my own as a reader and to explore not only the romance genre but many other genres as well.

I have found that paranormal romance is my top favorite genre. Often, I will speak about Christine Feehan. She brings the feminine, the action, the dirty, the sweet, and the romance into her novels. Her incorporation of all of those elements with the paranormal storyline has me addicted to her novels. She is without a doubt my most favorite author.

Her novels and the novels of Lora Leigh became a staple in the conversations my mother and I would have when I was a teenager. As I have gotten older, I have broadened my horizons. I actually read books that do not have sex scenes in them at all. I know! Shocker! I read all sorts of genres now, but I am a romantic through and through. I love the feeling I get from all of those sexy romantic scenes and the happy endings. Reading sexy novels is a refuge. I can escape into their worlds, and live through them without having to do the dirty work.

Romance and paranormal have my attention, but I am willing to expand. Share with me what interest you! I’d love to know!

What is your favorite genre? Who is your favorite author in that genre?

As always,

Keep Reading Together!

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