Finding the Perfect Spot

We all have a favorite place to sit or lay when we read. Finding that perfect place is detrimental to enjoying our book fully. Relaxing in a hammock, the warm outside breeze blowing through my hair, and a great book in my hands spells DISASTER! For me, at least.

I would be fast asleep within the first ten minutes. If I was trying to take a nap that would work perfectly, however, if I am trying to read the really good book, I am going to have to switch it up.

So what is the ideal place to read? Well, that is a subjective question that depends on the person.

I am a fan of the large comfy chair, soft and somewhat bright lighting, an ottoman for my feet, and a light blanket. That, with a hot cup of minty Matcha Green tea spells HEAVEN!

Being comfortable is essential to reading. Cramped positions and bad lighting makes for a bad reading experience. Here are some tips for finding the perfect spot to read:

  • Seating
    • When finding the perfect spot, you have to know yourself. Are you the type of person that falls asleep as soon as they get in the bed? If so, you might not want to read there. What about a rocking chair, is it going to lull you to sleep as well. Is a hard chair going to be too uncomfortable to relax in?
    • I find that medium soft chair does the trick. It keeps me upright and does not allow me to lay down. Adding a firm pillow behind my back keeps my posture straight, and make me less prone to shoulder and backaches.
  • Atmosphere
    • Finding the right environment is imperative to being able to focus and read your book. There are some amazing people who can read in a crowded place and never lose focus. If that is you, CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned my envy :)! However, if you are in the boat with me, you probably cannot take too much noise and commotion while reading.
    • If you are a parent, like I am, find a way to settle your kids for an hour or two. (Yeah! Jasmine let me just tell my kids to quiet down I am trying to have some me time cuz that works so well every other time!) I know, I know! I am lucky to have a well-behaved four-year-old who loves peace and quiet. Putting on a movie right before nap time is how I hit two birds with one stone. When it is movie time that means nap time is coming. I am able to have an hour of light reading. When the movie is over it is nap time and that gives me another hour and a half of deep reading.
    • If you do not have kids, finding your ideal atmosphere is a little easier. If you have loud roommates or neighbors, try your local coffee shop (bring headphones), or maybe your local library (people have to be quiet there).
  • Temperature
    • Being in a comfortable chair and in the right atmosphere means nothing if you are freezing your hiney off or sweating like crazy.
      I know you cannot always control the temperature. So when you are the person in charge of the thermostat, then adjust it accordingly.
    • However, if you are not, then adjust yourself accordingly. If you are a naturally cold person, bring a blanket or wear long sleeves and a jacket. If you are on the opposite side, try investing in a small, battery operated, personal fan, and light clothing.

With these tips you should be able to have a wonderful reading experience. Let me know how you find your perfect spot.

Keep Reading Together!

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