Real Books vs eBooks

The debate between digital vs paper has been around since the first online post. As technology progresses, we see the decline in print materials. Newspapers are not as popular, and the magazine sections have slimmed down as well. However, when it comes to books the debate seems to be equally matched. I have always enjoyed having the “actual” book in my hands. The smell of the paper and ink and the feel of the paper sliding between my fingers is almost euphoric. To me, the pull to have a “Belle-like” (Beauty and the Beast) library is hard to get over. With that being said, my generation LOVES technology. It is fast and super convenient. That brings us to the eReaders. There are so many different types of eReaders, but the idea is the same. To compress thousands of books into a small device. I did some research and found three eReaders that did pretty much the same thing, but were at a different price point.

eReaders- Click on the eReader name to see images.

  • Kobo Aura
    • This eReader offers an easy reading experience. It has a backlight for night-reading, 4GB of space, and the charge last for weeks. It is light and easily put in a purse or backpack. You can purchase it from Amazon for $140.
  • Kindle Oasis
    • This waterproof eReader makes reading in the hot tub a breeze. It, like the Kobo Aura, has a charge that lasts for weeks. It comes in two colors, Champagne Gold and Graphite, and it offers built-in Audible. With 8GB of space and Wifi connectivity, this eReader is ideal for avid readers and travelers. The price of this device comes in at $250.
  • inkBOOK Classic
    • The inkBOOK Classic is perfect for those who have difficulties reading. It offers high contrast mode for those with vision issues. The eReader also offers OpenDyslexic font for the readers who are dyslexic. It is light and contains buttons on the side for easy page turning. This eReader is priced at $80.

The eReaders can have access to millions of books automatically. There is no lugging around a suitcase full of books. Just throw it in a purse or bag and we are good to go. The convenience of an eReader cannot be denied, and for a traveler it is ideal. However, they will need to be charged and they only have so much space. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference and circumstance. I do not travel very often, so having the actual book is more my speed. A traveler might disagree. Having a small, lightweight device is better suited for them, but hey! to each their own.

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